project: smash v2
client: universal music group
Universal Music and Video Distribution commissioned 1530design to build the 2002 version of its music retail fantasy game. SMASH ("Scoring Music And Selecting Hits") gave users the opportunity to test their A&R talents by allowing them to create their own virtual record labels and then "sign" new and upcoming UMVD artists to those label rosters. The top 10 players received prizes, including a Porsche Boxster Sport Convertible as the first prize.

Some select features of SMASH included weekly trivia games, media clips, a contestant logo generator, and the ability to form teams. A companion administration website supported the real-time content maintenance, scoring, and artist creation requirements necessary to administrate the 9-month contest. The site was built on an ASP/SQL Server platform, with UnityMail integration for mass-player emails.